Girl's Room

Episode and Season:

Season 2, Episode 40


December 12, 1998

Production #:


Last Episode:

Good Will Mahoot

Next Episode:

First Snow (Final Episode)

This is the fortieth episode of Mrs. Munger's class.

Summary Edit

The boys are in the classroom, but the girls aren't. That is because the girls are in the girls bathroom doing make up. Dawn simmers the girls and Phoebe shows mascara. Then the girls put on their make up. After putting make up on to describe seasons, footsteps sound and the girls wash off their make up. Mrs. Munger walks into the bathroom shocked and scared. The bell rings afterwards.


  • At the mirror, when Cissy reports Phoebe for taking her mother's makeup and Yvonne explains how free women should feel to be themselves, nobody is near Karyn; however, when the camera zooms to her, Grace is behind her right side.
  • Then, after skipping to Grace, Dawn just mysteriously comes partially out from behind Grace without any real explanation.

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